Last Weekend in London

Friday After class we decided to tackle something on our bucket list. Abbey Road. Overall a success, just VERY crowded. Well worth it. Afterwards we headed over to Primrose hill. By far the steepest hill of my life, maybe not literally but you have to understand that 1- I avoid exercise 99% of the time... Continue Reading →


A day in the Queen’s footsteps 

On Thursday after class we broke off and made our dorm style cuisine. On the menu for Thursday’s lunch with hardly any ingredients was Mac and Cheese. Or as my friends (they may say victims) who tried it said “a lot of melted cheese with some pasta”. My cooking is in its self, an art... Continue Reading →

Waterloo – not a bathroom

Another day another blister, as they always say. Okay well no one actually says that but that’s what I was saying after deciding to wear flats on an all day walking trip. Flats:1 Karrie:0 . After spending the morning in class discussing the ins and outs of the British Press we took a class trip... Continue Reading →

More than a mushroom

This morning before heading out to my first day of class I spent some time in Philippians and took time to reflect on the joy of humility and joy of Christ. This was an awesome way to start my day and a great reminder throughout the day to be humble which can be hard at... Continue Reading →

competitive writing

I was never a fan of writing. In fact I hated it up until about a year and a half ago when I got to college. Reading was always my forte. Reading is safe. No one comes up to you and says, "Yea I mean the book you're reading is alright but I think you... Continue Reading →

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