Well devised books are painful.

I had a professor once who held the key to a well-written piece. He said that if your readers didn't feel something then what was the point? When we read our pieces in class there were brownie points for making another classmate cry with our stories. Maybe that's weird to you but to me it... Continue Reading →


301 Capstone – Karrie Wagner

Capstone Question: When faced with backlash and consequences for publishing sensitive content, how far will journalists go?      Journalists serve as the voice of and to the public. For centuries they have been breaking news and cracking cases. Sometimes the cases are well known and other times the information journalist find is confidential. When... Continue Reading →

Cloud 9 3/4

This title is funny for numerous reasons. One being that Friday morning started off with a trip el solo to King’s Cross at seven am. Two because I’m currently in an air plane writing this post. Last week my friends went to the famous Platform 9 3/4 after the Harry Potter tour but I couldn’t... Continue Reading →

Tube-ular Wednesday

It's time you all learned a bit more about the tube. I recently praised it in my last post after riding various other modes of transportation. I rebuke the strong affection I had for the efficient transport called the 'Ungerground.' I now feel as though I have experienced the tube rails to the fullest and... Continue Reading →

Bowie and battered fish

Thursday came along with the stress of a final project and the crashing reality that I leave for home in two days. That morning we met for class one last time at 9:30 and took our final quiz before breaking off to see Grenfell Tower. We felt that as journalist students it was important for... Continue Reading →

Hyde Park’s weird cousin.

Tuesday was definitely one for the books. Instead of meeting for class in the study room like usual,  we met at our tube stop (North Acton) and headed over to Oxford Circus to meet a NPR reporter. NPR just so happens to be located inside BBC headquarters. So we got to walk around the BBC... Continue Reading →

Just another manic Monday

Monday was warm and pleasant for the most part. We all met up after class to wander around the city. After meeting at Oxford Circus and getting lost in H&M we headed off in search for food. As usual. I should probably mention that we all had zero idea what we wanted to eat and... Continue Reading →

Last Weekend in London

Friday After class we decided to tackle something on our bucket list. Abbey Road. Overall a success, just VERY crowded. Well worth it. Afterwards we headed over to Primrose hill. By far the steepest hill of my life, maybe not literally but you have to understand that 1- I avoid exercise 99% of the time... Continue Reading →

A day in the Queen’s footsteps 

On Thursday after class we broke off and made our dorm style cuisine. On the menu for Thursday’s lunch with hardly any ingredients was Mac and Cheese. Or as my friends (they may say victims) who tried it said “a lot of melted cheese with some pasta”. My cooking is in its self, an art... Continue Reading →

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