Just another manic Monday

Monday was warm and pleasant for the most part. We all met up after class to wander around the city. After meeting at Oxford Circus and getting lost in H&M we headed off in search for food. As usual.

I should probably mention that we all had zero idea what we wanted to eat and even less of an idea of where we wanted to go. The night before we met a girl named Danielle through our friend Luke. Long story short they went to high school together in NJ and now she lives down the street from the college we’re staying in. Anyway, she works at an American style restaurant and said if we came by when she was working she’d give us 25% off.

Eventually we stumbled upon the restaurant ‘Stax’. Stax was set in a beautiful and vibrant market called Carnaby. It wasn’t long before something went wrong as usual. Today’s feature trauma features one of our main protagonists, Ryan Thorton.

When we arrived at the restaurant Ryan decided he was going to venture out to in search of a bathroom.. rather than just ask our waitress (Danielle) if there was a bathroom in the restaurant itself.  Five minutes later we saw Ryan pass under the returant balcony (already he had made it to a whole other floor) with a confused look on his face. Ten minutes later the food arrived and Ryan stopped texting us. Another ten minutes by and Leigh Ann said “So should we be worried now or….” At this point our waitress asked if we wanted her to look for him on her break. When out of the blue, who turned around the corner?!? Ryan!! He lives!!

I’ve invited Ryan  here to share a few words about his side of the experience: “I felt like with each rumble of my stomach I was more and more despaired. I was three minutes away when I turned my data on and the next time I looked, I was eleven minutes away. Words like despair don’t even begin to cover it.”

After this hilarious, traumatizing for some, experience we headed back to to Woodward Hall to drink some tea and beat the rain.img_4624

Later that evening we finished our Monday off with a trip to the theatres to see BigSick. 10/10 RomCom.img_4631



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