Last Weekend in London


After class we decided to tackle something on our bucket list. Abbey Road. Overall a success, just VERY crowded. Well worth it. Afterwards we headed over to Primrose hill. By far the steepest hill of my life, maybe not literally but you have to understand that 1- I avoid exercise 99% of the time 2- We had all been walking alllll day already and Van slip-ons are not qualified walking shoes. I’m talking walking the length of a nine-hour trilogy. And finally 3- I was getting really hungry. So maybe it wasn’t the steepest hill but either way the view was well worth the torture of climbing it. And there were dogs everywhere so, bonus. Then we headed off to a small pub to see a surprise show for a British band called Superfood. The show was free and packed and I knew zero songs but I now enjoy them thoroughly and had such a blast. It helped that the excursion involved cool street art and pizza.


Last free day in London. What are you to do? Go to Oxford of course! After getting turned around and setting off an hour late we made it to the city of people who are much smarter than me. Definitely one of the highlights of my trip and something I have beeb=n looking forward to for six months. We navigated on a system I like to call “Six college kids who wont turn on their data for fear of charges.” Also known as, screenshots of maps, one real map, and a paper towel I snagged from a Hilton we didn’t even stay at. The paper towel consisted of all 13 things we wanted to see, the times they closed, and the order in which we should see them considering both distance and time efficiency. I am a very thorough planner. The rain was no match for a group of determined students lead by a napkin. Not that it’s relevent but the napkin still lives and survived the washer. In Oxford we saw the Bodleian Library of Oxford University, Oxford Castle, the Narnia lamppost, and the most important being The Eagle and the Child Pub. AKA where TOLKIEN and the inklings (including CS LEWIS) used to hang out and write. Naturally I was a dork and excited the whole time and bought a postcard.  Such an amazing day.  Hands down one of my favorite experiences. (For the full tour via Karrie click the link to see our list of sites to see in eight hours.)



A morning of rest and then of course running out and about. I did find time to sit still for a moment and absorb some time in the word. Much needed and appreciated perspective of reconciliation and humility in 2 Corinthians 5:11-22.

After lunch in the dorm, off I went to eat Gelato and hang out with some company I’ve grown very fond of. Side note: while I often do complain about the food here being not salty enough (America needs to cut back on the salt so I can enjoy other cultures more) and missing the taste of freedom in all my food, I will say that London has stolen my heart for their frozen dairy delights. So amazinnnnggg, but alas I digress. After that I went to the other peice of my London heart, the castle. The local pub down the street with the friendliest staff and best Sunday Roast. This is of course biased because it’s three min from my bedroom, the only place that ever has sunday roast at 6pm, and they gave us free drinks after laughing our inability to comprehend cricket. I still have no idea what the heck the point of it is and I hope to see a match before I come home. Also I think they like us because we’re used to tipping and tip well compared to everyone else. But we pretend its our American charm, even though most countries despise American tourists.  So after another delightful sunday roast with the best company I headed back to my dorm to complete an assignment and write to all of you.img_4602

Mmm just thinking about a Sunday Roast and the fact that I may not have another dish quite like it is enough to make me very sad and almost hungry. *Start’s singing ‘So this is love mmhmm’*

And with this lovely image to feast your eyes on I bid you all a very fond farewell.


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