Wednesday with Will

(William Shakespeare that is. Or Billy as his friends might say. Kidding of course, don’t call him Billy.) 

There was no class on Wednesday (thank goodness) so we all slept in before meeting at 11 to visit The Times HQ. That’s The London Times, here they simply say ‘The Times’.  It was an interesting visit, the News Papers here and their business is a bit different than ours in the US. They’re a bit more out spoken.

After visiting there we walked over to Bourough Market and took a look around there before heading over the The Shakespeare Museum. 

Borough Market was partly indoors but mostly wet and cold. It did have a mix of smells like cheese, sweets, ale, ripe produce and even fresh fish. We were all a bit chilled and damp, as you can tell by the unamused face of my classmate Ryan in the  picture above.

Onto the Globe Theatre and Museum!

Afterwards we saw Twelfth Night, or What You Will. Although I missed a bit of beginning, it was easy to dive right in. What a wonderful show, a bit more modern than I had expected but still amazing. The theatre did a wonderful job with the music and acting and production in all. I’m so grateful I got to see a show at The Globe Theatre while I was here. What an awesome thing and opportunity to geek out. 


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